Values, Meanings, and Worth


The role of the artist has often been interpreted to express current history in anticipation of certain shifts in society.

The artist expresses visually the colossal effect of these shifts.

There should be a Bitcoin Bull, but they are simply digits on a screen.

One day paper money will be a thing of the past,

Then Money taxidermy will offer a different set of meanings. 

Its value will shift in to an intrinsic type of worth.

A product of its times, when people paid with paper. 

Using money as a collage material contains certain notions of value.

How much is on there? Is it real money? How much is it worth in USD?

Money makes you do the math and Markets set the price.

Although Value is in the eye of the beholder, 

Its true worth will ripen with age.

The essential value of art may not arise upon first glance.

Keep looking





kyle zsombor