Iconoclastic Process


I have one university degree in International Relations and another in Fine Art.

I continue to study world politics and art history by making Money Taxidermy.

New examples would include the Brexit Bulldog, Lady Liberty, and an American Caesar.

Our contemporary context affects the work that I make and the materials that I choose.

The world is awash in cash, each with varying values.

Money is savored as sacred. 

Wasting money is irrational, glutenous and absurd.

Using money as an artistic material is risky, iconoclastic, and symbolic.  

When a disruptive event occurs in the world economy, it becomes a buying opportunity.

When the American dollar was devalued during the financial crisis of 2008, I recognized that a Canadian artist could afford to use the USD as a collage material.

The U.S. Federal Reserve prints dollar by the billions.

I destroy them one at a time.

Ironically, I improve the value of everyone else's dollars by the statistically small amount of banknotes that I erase from circulation. 

Those same banknotes gain more value destroyed than used as dollars in the market when refined into Money Taxidermy.

kyle zsombor