Supply Equals One


One of a kind art is hard to find

Originals are unique and cannot be reproduced

Even if you tried


Banknotes are pieces of art that are reproduced infinitely in a money press

Each banknote is filled with overlapping images and psychadelic patterns

Old-fashioned anti-copying techniques involved lots of complexities


Look at a dollar bill, you really have to focus if you want to see everything 

By slicing the icons out and realigning the patterns back together

One can begin to see all the pieces of the puzzle


We don't normally see money as art, but when it has been puzzled, we can

By adding my efforts, boring money is exalted to something vivid & valuable

The many pieces become one, supply equals one


Money is meant to be spent, and handled with hands

Art isn't to be touched

You feel it with your eyes and consume it in your mind


A market is often ephemeral, fickle, and risky

Until it becomes enduring, matter-of-fact, and lucrative 

Usually when the artist is dead




kyle zsombor