How long does it take? Does it really matter?

Art is in the making... it becomes an artifact of its times.  

The time that it takes to complete a piece speaks to one of the prevalent themes in this body of work.

How long did it take to make? 

Now, I am no Picasso, but there is a story about Picasso, where he was sitting on a sunny bench when a lovely lady walked past him, having not recognized him.

Picasso said, "madame may I paint your face?"

She said 'yes' and he made a few quick gestures on the page. Voila!  

The painting was quite good, so she asked how much to buy it.

He said about $5,000

Astonished, she exclaimed that he had 'only taken a few moments to make it.'

He said, "no madame, it has taken me my whole life"


It usually takes me over a hundred hours per complex piece

But the answer, is that it has taken me my whole life

So I do not keep track of the clock

As it takes as long as it needs

And everything is as it should be


kyle zsombor