Greetings! This first post is to be an introduction to me and my work.  I have been exhibiting art work since 2002, beginning with Vernon's Gallery Vertigo's inaugural exhibition "Blue".

My first solo show was at the Vernon Public Art Gallery in 2009, Fantasy League was an installation that hung hockey jerseys with historical players such as Louis Riel, Pierre Trudeau, and Barack Obama. 

I created a massive garden installation at the Kelowna Art Gallery in 2012, called "A Green Desire" showcasing a 16' high x 22'wide living wall alongside four 12' high food towers.

Money Taxidermy has crystallized my interest in the collage of materials in new ways.

I come from a hunting family, and I came to use my father's old taxidermy forms when I was in art school.

I covered the taxidermy forms with anything but furs.

When the 2008 financial crash resulted in a weaker US Dollar, I thought that the USD was so cheap that it could be used as a collage material.

The first Cash Cow and Coin Bear came from this insight.

The Bulls and the Bears are symbolic animals in the financial world.

The story is that a Bull strikes up with its horns and a Bear slashes down with its claws, thus a rising trend is considered a Bull market and a downward trend is termed a Bear market.

Soon followed eagles and owls, bucks and bears, cats and dogs, hippos and tigers, horses and more cash cows.

Animals only at first, now Empire, with the Egyptian Pharaohs, Lady Liberty, and an American Caesar.

Napoleon is next...   



kyle zsombor